New effect video arrvied of 2021 newest kinetic lights for night club —Kinetic LED footballs Kinetic Sphere Ball Factory Oem Led Lift Balls

2021 newest kinetic lights for night club —Kinetic LED footballs Kinetic Sphere Ball Factory Oem Led Lift Balls

There are total 28pcs 4m kinetic led footballs effects. This kind of kinetic lights is custom made for one night club by designer. Kinetic Led Football light with 12pcs beam effects for each ball. Diameter of the LED football is 200mm. Each LED can be pixel controlled effects. It is the newest one for kinetic lighting system. Especially suitable for night club. Designed 30-50 sets the kinetic lights LED football for one club that the whole space of the club would be amazing and unique effects compared the club only with normal stage lights. The Kinetic LED football light is OEM by kinetic sphere from designers of big clubs. Design required the effects then FYL support the OEM serivce. Owners of clubs all like something is special and something is new one. There are many Clubs in every country every place. How your club can be more attractive for customers? Must be Different. FYL not only support kinetic lighting system, but also support whole project solution from design, installation and programming. FYL well experiences on concerts, exhibitions, high-level clubs, commercial spaces and so on. There are many different choice for different kinetic lights. We have the kinetic spheres, kinetic led pixel tube, kinetic triangle tube, kinetic triange panel, kinetic mini balls…..

The very special advantage that the fixture of LED football light also can be matched for same kinetic winches of LED mini balls, RGB balls, LED pixel tubes for 4in1 kinetic lighting version.
This is very special for rental companies who can do different events with different kinetic lighting effects.

If any project that you would like use the new one for it please let me know.

Or if you have any OEM requirments please let me know.

Here again for one news about the new kinetic light—-2021 Night Club Newest Kinetic Lighting System Kinetic LED football light would be your better choice if you are looking for something special effects for your clubs.

Kinetic LED football for one club is different like other kinetic lights that must keep at least 100pcs. Kinetic led football with powerful effects and it can be covered big area.
Here attached the another new video for 28pcs kinetic led football effects for your kindly further reference.

Post time: Apr-22-2021